Volpe Video



https://youtu.be/HRhdmkkh4zk   — The Sanity Project

Review of two videos: “God Is In The Neurons” and “Jill Bolte Taylor on TED”


https://youtu.be/KGSZqMAweR0  — 21st Century Zen

“Revisionist Zen”= the tradition amended by contemporary neuroscience.


https://youtu.be/dRUHxZf_30U  — About Self-observation


https://youtu.be/Jiz33KN0NOM — The Heart of Darkness (The effects of trauma)

Modern psychotherapy explains Joseph Conrad

https://youtu.be/t4MD1-b6vcQ — The Meaning of Death.

“Everything the left hemisphere of the brain has had to say about death is completely wrong.