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The Stages of Individual and Religious Development

Wilber’s Stage of Individual Growth

Bellah’s Stage of Religious Evolution

Developmental Activities

Developmental Tools

Social Mana

Individual Mana

1. Biochemical Physical food
2. Emergent sensory self I. Primitive: Australian Aborigines Communion with the dreaming. Ritual and trance. Oral language, collective memory Mirroring
3.Representational mind II. Archaic: Tribal, shamanic, magical Distinguish nature, self, spirit Sensory language, story (myth) Agriculture (economic surplus) , Leisure Social Interaction
4.Rule/role mind III. Historic: Judaism, Early Xianity, Exoteric Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism Nurture the weak ego, control behavior, organize group life. Creeds, codes, laws, law enforcement, ritual instruction, “the word” Urban technology, in-creased economic sur-plus, writing Mastery of the game, social interaction
5. Self-conscious thinking IV. Early Modern: Protestantism, Secular-ism, Science, Legal Theory, Philosophy Break away from the parent, autonomous thinking. Rational perspectivism Theology, theological debate, Constitutions, treaties Commerce, administrative apparatus, legal theory, universities, printing, monasticism Leisure, advanced social interaction, information, information, information
6.Beginner’s existential experience V. Modern Explore interiority, emotional perspectivism Introspection, meditation, psychotherapy, less orthodoxy, blurred organizational lines Widely distributed wealth, intercultural communication, introspective science, global catastrophe Accumulation of introspective experience
7. Advanced existential experience VI Post-Modern Advanced exploration of interiority Spiritual guidance, meditation, critique of rationality, explore the somatic sense Advanced introspection More accumulation of introspective experience